Dr. Emma Irene Boardman, M.D.

E. Irene Boardman Foundation

The E. Irene Boardman Foundation was founded in 1979 to carry on the many charitable interests of Dr. Boardman in the areas of education and scholarships for women and girls, church and mission work, religious education, public health and community improvement.
Although it is a small private family foundation, during its first 42 years, the Foundation has given a total of $213,200 to a number of institutions and organizations. Largest by far was the $70,000 donated to the town of Prospect, Connecticut, between 1988 and 1991 for the building of a new public library. It was dedicated in public ceremonies on June 16, 1991, and the community room is named in memory of Dr. Boardman.
Members of the Board of Directors are especially proud of the scholarships, awards and grants to further the education of women and girls - with a particular focus on math and the sciences.

2021 officers are:

President – Dr. David Kathan

Vice-President – Charles Kathan

Treasurer – Rev. Boardman Kathan

Secretary – Maurie Kathan